Laundry Room Refresh Week 3

Apr 20

Hey hey!!  We’re three weeks into the One Room Challenge and this project is really starting to take shape! Even *gasp* dare I say it, starting to look like a laundry room?!

I am SO excited to show you what we’ve done so far!  The house is still in disarray but one saving grace is that the washer/dryer are operational again!  My in-laws came to the rescue last week and laundered our son’s clothes so at least he didn’t have to go to school in his birthday suit! Ha!  I joke… sort of.

Cabinetry Installation

Laundry Room Refresh Before Cabinets

We originally purchased dark grey cabinetry which went with the original tile that we picked out. However, as you guys know we didn’t end up installing the original tile (read here if you don’t). Long story short – we changed our mind on the tile after we checked out the sample in our space and basically scrapped our whole original design.

We went back to the drawing board and sourced the tile that you see today, which I absolutely love, love, love!  We returned the original grey cabinetry and ended up going with IKEA Lerhyttan cabinets, which have a classic look to them.

Laundry Room Cabinet Install

Black cabinetry isn’t for everyone, but this room gets a lot of natural light – and since it’s our laundry room, I’m willing to take a greater risk with some of the finishes than I might otherwise be for a principle room in the house.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to go with a classic look for any millwork or other expensive installs (the “bones” of the design). Use accessories or easily replaced design elements such as lighting, furniture etc. to bring in design “trends”.  It helps prevent a design from being too trendy.


You’d think that picking out the counter top would be a piece of cake compared to the other elements.  Yeah, you and I would both be wrong!  We settled on a butcher block counter top from Home Depot.  We had to purchase two different sizes, one in the usual countertop depth, and another piece in “island” depth to accommodate the dimensions of the washer/dryer. We had to trim the island slab down to fit to the edge of the appliances.

Laundry Room Cabinet Install

In the store I wasn’t 100% sure of the colour, but in the space it looks great; it really adds a nice warmth that the room lacked with all the black and white elements.  Also, did you see that apron-front sink!  KILLER (in a good way), and seriously what started this whole renovation in the first place.

Subway Tile

Laundry Room Subway Tile Installation

This was a classic choice (remember the tip above!) and I didn’t want the backsplash tile to compete with the flooring, but compliment it – like peanut butter and chocolate.  We decided on a glossy finish which will bounce more light around the room.  This was the easiest installation of the whole project and one I would tackle again without argument.

Laundry Room Subway Tile Glossy

I want this room to feel comfortable, functional and original. By incorporating some really unique elements, it doesn’t scream “laundry room”, ya know?  I had a hard time nailing down my colour scheme and ultimately settled on a black, white, rust, olive green and cream.  It still feels so fresh and so clean (cue Outkast). 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.  Don’t forget to check out some other cool designs by the other participants in the ORC!






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  1. Tammy says:

    I love the texture of the backsplash. Way cooler then traditional subway tile. Awesome work. love love love it.

  2. I’m so digging the black cabinetry – and the slight texture on that subway tile! Looking wonderful so far!


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