Laundry Room Refresh – Week 2

Apr 11

Welcome To Week 2

My husband and I have been DIY’ing this Laundry Room Refresh for the One Room Challenge, and so far, so good.  We’ve made some great progress in the last week, which I’m happy about…but none of it is really the “fun” stuff when bringing a space together.  The start of the journey is all about the demolition (which is one of my husband’s favourite parts), and tending to the parts of the project that are more the “functional” piece of the design.  Full disclosure that we demo’d this room the week that the challenge started as we had a lot of elements to tackle in five weeks.

The Flooring Install


Picking the right tile is never an easy task, especially between significant others – usually a compromise has to be made.  We initially started with a completely different tile when first sourcing the materials for the laundry room. However, once we got it home and looked at it in the room, we quickly changed our minds.  So we did what all the crazy kids do these days and turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. After some back and forth we decided on the tile that we ended up installing and absolutely love.

Our home is a historic Victorian style (affectionately known as “Elmhurst”), built in 1890.  We’re always trying to preserve its beautiful original character, while keeping our style in mind to create a home we love.

The tile installation went smoothly. We installed our first tile floor about this time last year, so we had an idea of what we were doing.  You can read the full breakdown, How To Tile A Floor From A Newbie, to get a step-by-step tutorial.  I’m glad we started off with our small powder room last year before graduating to this laundry room, so it wasn’t overwhelming tackling this larger space.


Functional Storage

laundry-room-renovationLike most people, we needed to include some great storage solutions as this room serves double-duty for our family.  It’s a laundry room but also stores many of my DIY and craft supplies.  To ensure we were incorporating more functional storage, we decided to drywall part of the cubbies under the stairs so that we could install cabinetry the entire length of the wall.  Mo’ storage less problems, amiright?! Our home is mostly lathe and plaster, so it’s always a challenge installing drywall to match the existing plaster finish on the walls, but I think my husband nailed it!


Fifty Shades of White


Benjamin Moore – Chantilly Lace

This is not breaking news by any means, but there are many shades of white paint available on the market.  I wanted to challenge myself to move out of my usual tendencies (neutral paint), and try on a colour. I grabbed two pots of colours in different shades of green and tested them on the wall. After 24hrs of deliberation, (and checking the colours in different lights) I decided to go back to my comfort zone and choose a neutral.  However, I did pick a white that I haven’t used before.  We settled on Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace in Matte. It has a slight grey undertone to it. I really like it, it feels fresh – like clothes right out of the dryer. We haven’t painted the trim yet, but will be doing the same colour in a satin finish.


What’s Next To Tackle

  • Install cabinetry
  • Tile backsplash
  • Install counter tops/sink/faucet
  • Paint trim
  • Hook-up our washer/dryer
  • DIY Barn Door – Blog post and tutorial to come

As I have stated before, I’m a One Room Challenge Newbie, but I think this project is on track. Good thing too, as I’ll be in need of clean clothes sooner rather than later! Not to jinx anything (knock on wood), but everything is coming together.

I’m pumped about this next phase as it gets closer to the “pretty” part and seeing the design come together.  This always gets me excited!  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.  Don’t forget to check out some other cool designs by the other participants in the ORC!





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