Design Tip: How High To Hang Artwork

Feb 1

If you followed last week’s tips, your curtains are on point. Now we should ensure the rest of your walls are pulling their weight in the design department. This week, we tackle the question I get asked the most. “How high should I hang my artwork?”

Let’s talk artwork. Specifically, the height sweet-spot for hanging those beloved pieces.  This is an easy fix that costs nothing, and I guarantee if you implement all these little changes it will make a BIG impact on your space!

Three common scenarios for hanging your artwork

The general rule of thumb when mounting artwork is that it should be about 60″ from the floor to the middle of the piece of art you’re hanging.  That’s if you’re hanging a single piece of artwork on a blank wall.  Designers generally refer to this as “eye height”.

How High to Hang Artwork Single Frame

Measure 60″ from the floor to roughly the bottom edge of your top frame if you’re hanging two pictures stacked on top of one another.

How High to Hang Artwork Stacked Frames

If you’re mounting a picture over a sofa or chair, ensure that the bottom of the frame is 6-10″ above the furniture.

How High to Hang Artwork Over Furniture

I would love to see how you mounted your artwork.  #pursuitofhomeblog or comment below if you have any other tips that have worked for you (or if you have any other questions re: how to hang your frames).

Tip: When hanging artwork, take note of the mounting hardware behind the frame.  Compensate for any offset between the hardware and the top of the frame before you put any screws, nails or hooks into your walls!

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