Boy’s Bedroom Idea on a Budget

Jan 17

Boys Bedroom 2019

Sometimes as designers we take it too far into the “neutral zone” when designing spaces for the kiddos when, let’s face it: they have small but mighty personalities.  They enjoy colour, not only that – they want colour!  Let’s give it to them, within reason of course, ha!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about nursery design: when you’re basically designing the room for you, the parents, to enjoy and feel relaxed in, not the babe.  I’m talking little kiddos bedroom design. This is top of mind for me, because I’ve recently redesigned my son’s room (on a budget), who’s turning five next month! How fast this whole “motherhood thing” is going is another blog post in itself.

Colour and Creativity For The Win

Boys Bedroom 2019 Play Areas

Boys Bedroom 2019 Play and Read Area

Most of the items were pieces we already owned; actually, I think the only new items purchased were the bookshelves, curtains and the little chairs.  Most of the items in Lincoln’s bedroom are from IKEA, minus the bed, bedding and two yellow chairs, which were from Homesense.  Let’s be honest, most of us are not going to be purchasing high-quality pieces for a kid’s room as we know it has a limited shelf life. Meaning they might wreck it (intentionally or not), and if not they will outgrow it soon enough.  In short, not the best place to invest in quality pieces, you feel me?!

Boys Bedroom Wall Art Roller

Boys Bedroom Wall Art Buckets and Markers

Boys Bedroom Wall Art Bucket

My son is a huge fan of drawing, painting, crafting – he is really into art. I want to support and encourage his talents and the myriad ways he chooses to express himself. The DIY projects we tackled for his room were focused on just that, one being a wall-mounted easel.  Blog post to come, but I can say that most of these items were sourced at IKEA.

Boys Bedroom Artwork Display Rod

The other DIY was the art display rod over his main toy storage area: this is just a small white IKEA rod capped with hooks to display art.  This feature allows us to show off his works of art, school awards, and gives the fridge a much-needed break. And, bonus: the main room of the house (the kitchen) feels less cluttered!

Boys Bedroom 2019 Raised Bed

The height chart next to the bed is a DIY as well, which you can find here.

If you’re wondering “does this kid just run around naked all day?”, the answer is no! We moved his dresser inside the closet.  This allowed us to take full advantage of all the square footage in the room for him to enjoy, as this is his main hub for all things play.  I hope you enjoy it and it gets your creative juices flowing.  Comment below if you have any other budget friendly idea for the kiddos bedroom.

Design tip – keep walls and curtains neutral in colour when going colourful with furniture!


Boys Bedroom Bookshelves




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