Simple DIY Wooden Bead Napkin Ring

Dec 19

For my Christmas table decor (read here) this year I have totally stripped down my colour palette and aesthetic. Neutral and simple is the name of the game.  These simple wooden bead DIY napkin ring holders complete the look – they’re as simple as they are beautiful.  It will blow your socks off how incredibly easy these are to make, and they look incredible. Best part – they can be used for any occasion! If this project seems a bit too easy for my more ambitious readers, perhaps try whittling the beads yourself out of whatever lumber you have handy. I’ll be over here with a nice glass of wine. HA!


  1. Large wooden beads
  2. Leather lace
  3. Scissors


  1. Take leather lace and slide through hole in wooden bead
  2. Tie a knot in either side of the string, leaving a little extra lace after the knot (cut to desired length)
  3. Slide over napkin and pull tight
  4. Done!!  Can you even believe how super easy that was!

Please hit me up on #pursuitofhomeblog if you create this simple DIY napkin ring.





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