DIY ruler growth chart

Dec 1


My apologies for not getting this post out last week.  It was technically done, just not to my satisfaction and I am not just going to post just anything!  If you are curious to how the original version of this DIY turned out, check out the last picture.

If you’ve been to a baby shower or have been putting together a Pinterest board for your own nursery recently, chances are pretty good that you have come across these super cute ruler growth charts.  Pottery Barn might have even started this trend, but at $100.00 a pop (price before personalization) for one of these bad boys, you can easily make one of your own for a fraction of that cost.

These ruler growth charts make a great baby shower or Christmas gift for any close friends or family that are expecting.  The other benefit to going the growth chart route (instead of the traditional method of of marking the height on the door jamb) is that it is portable – if you live the life of a nomad and move around a lot, just pop this baby off the wall and take it with you.  Since they are so darn adorable and easy to create I thought I would share the tutorial below.

DIY ruler growth chart


  • paint or stain
  • sandpaper
  • sealer
  • tape measure
  • sharpie
  • pencil
  • printed numbers 1-6
  • 1x6x8 wood board (nice flat piece, I used pine)

First measure the height of your baseboards, as this will help determine where to start your measurements on your wood board.  A standard 8-foot wall typically has a baseboard 5 to 7 inches tall, while a 10-foot ceiling calls for 7 to 9 inches.  Next, paint or stain your board.  I chose a white wash paint effect, but there is no right or wrong way to go – just your personal preference.  Let your board dry.  If you’re wanting to achieve a little more of a rustic look you can do a light sanding.


  1. To give it that “ruler” look, using a pencil and measuring tape (starting at the very bottom), measure up and mark a line at every inch
  2. Make every 3rd line 2 inches long with your ruler (take your baseboard height into account and adjust line lengths as needed so that markers are correct once mounted on the wall). Make all the other lines just one inch long
  3. Go over your pencil marks with a sharpie
  4. Print out numbers (font height should be approx. 250-260 depending on your font choice)
  5. Cut numbers out, colour over the numbers on the back side of the paper with pencil
  6. Position number 1 onto the wood on the right side, on the 2nd 2″ line (again, check your markings for your board once mounted – depends on your baseboard height). I traced the outline with pencil, removed the number and was left with a faint stencil on the board
  7. Use sharpie and trace over the pencil outlines and colour in the numbers
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until all the numbers are complete
DIY ruler growth chart
DIY ruler growth chart

If you want to personalize it by adding a child’s name complete with the following instructions:

  1. Print out letters (font height should be approx. 250-260 depending on your font choice)
  2. Cut out letters, colour over the numbers on the back side of the paper with pencil
  3. Position first letter where you would like it on the board, trace the outline with pencil, removed the letter and you should be left with a faint stencil on the board
  4. Use sharpie and trace over and colour in the pencil letter outline
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all the letters are done

DIY ruler growth chart

Hang your DIY Growth Chart with “L” brackets, a ribbon or a saw-tooth hanger onto the wall.  Comment below if you tried this DIY or use #pursuitofhomeblog on the ‘gram so I can check it out!

DIY ruler growth chart
DIY ruler growth chart

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