From Trendy To Timeless Design

Nov 1

I 100% believe that when it comes to designing your home, you should focus less on trends and more on what makes you happy.  You want to create a space that feels comfortable, curated, creative and authentically a reflection of you, your life, and your style.  This looks different for everyone.  As it should, if design was cookie cutter or one size fits all, there would be no emotion, no style, thus no “us”.  We would all just conform and embed the latest and greatest design trend of the time. No inspiration, no deviation, which would translate to BORING!

Style of all kinds evolves.  What we liked ten years ago probably doesn’t resonate with us today.  This is supposed to happen. We evolve in all aspects of life (hopefully for the better) over time through travel, education and experience, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves.  Design is not immune to this cycle, in fact it is the by-product of all of those things.  To be honest that is why your home design will never be “finished” as you never stop growing.

That said, the following two design trends have transitioned to timeless design staples in my eyes:

1. Mostly White Interior with Colour Accents

white interior with bright bold art work

via Glitter Guide

The first is a mostly white interior with infusions of colour through art prints, textiles, books and greenery.  The key to preventing this look from going too far the other way and feeling clinical is mixing textures.  I touched on the art of mixing textiles in my last newsletter, but it becomes much more important when you’re creating a monochromatic design. Texture = interest, so mix ’em up.

2.  Navy Walls

navy wall colour

via Emily Henderson

The other is dark navy walls combined with sleek modern furniture, white baseboards and cognac leather.  This winning combination creates a fresh, modern feel, but with an air of timeless sophistication.  My favourite moody navy is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy.  In our first house (2012) we painted our Master Bedroom in Hale Navy with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White as the accent colour and I loved the combination.

If you liked this post check out “Easy Ways to Encourage Happiness and Well-being at Home”.  What design trends will become staples for you?  Let me know in the comments below.





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