Four areas to focus on when starting your home organization journey

Nov 16

De-cluttering, organizing or rearranging – however you define it, it can feel overwhelming.  Especially if it’s one of those projects you keep putting on the back burner for another day.  In last week’s post I mentioned all the benefits of de-cluttering our worlds and the mental health and anti-stress benefits that come with that. I am sure most of you were like “OH MY GOSH, where do I start?”  Instead of looking at all the areas that need to be organized, I like to tackle the following four areas first. I get more bang for my buck and feel like “Hell yeah, bring on all the organization sore spots. I got this!”  You can do the four spaces outlined below piecemeal, or bang out all four in a weekend.  The choice is yours.

Are you motivated yet?  If not make, a cup of coffee or tea whatever you bring to your happy place, throw your hair in a ponytail (or top knot will do I you feel like gettin’ fancy) and blast some tunes!   We know it’s the season of hosting and guest visits, so let’s get this organizational show on the road now. Instead of a few days before we’re expecting all the guests to arrive, and either give up on getting it done or stress ourselves out to the max. The early bird maintains enough patience and energy to entertain their guests in a meaningful way.  Good to go?! Great, let’s do this!

Entryway Goals

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This is where I start my de-cluttering journey since it is my first point of entry into the house. A messy entryway can instantly set me off down stressed-out street if it’s not neat and tidy.  Have a spot for shoes, coats, and accessories such as mitts and scarves.  This doesn’t mean you need to go and update your whole foyer à la Martha Stewart and install built-ins.  Although if you have the time and budget, that’s one way to go.  If that isn’t on your radar, I suggest a shoe tree in the front closet that you can stack a few pairs of shoes and boots.

Grab all matching hangers for coats and put some great looking storage bins on the shelf to create a chic-boutique vibe.  If you’re like me and my family who live in an older home where they didn’t exactly design for modern living (go figure) you can install hooks on the wall (or purchase a coat stand), a nice entryway table with a stool that can tuck in underneath and some nice large wicker bins with latches to store shoes, boots and accessories.

Kids Toys, Books  and Crafts

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Anyone with kids knows how much stuff they can accumulate.  This is such a first world luxury, which is why it is so important to donate any toys no longer used or enjoyed by your family anymore.  Again, bins come to the rescue when it comes to organizing and grouping together toys to keep the playroom or the bedroom organized when play time is over.

Kitchen Pantry and Fridge

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Take out all the food items in your cabinets and fridge and wipe ’em down.  Again, gather similar items together such as cereal boxes, canned food and pasta and place them back in the cabinet.  You can take it one step further (again, if money and budget are on your side), and empty your dry food items into clear containers or add in bins.

Master Bedroom


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Our Master bedroom is our sanctuary, it is the space where we let it all hang out.  We reflect and absorb the days events and set ourselves up for success for our tomorrows.  We use our master bedroom to recharge and get our all-important beauty sleep, so it’s essential to have good quality linens.  I also recommend for us ladies to invest in silk pillowcases or their budget friendly sister “Morning Glamour” pillow cases, which is a faux-silk material.  Add some candles and good books and bring on the sleep.  Try and keep your bedroom free of clutter – mainly clothes.

My husband has a habit of leaving his worn clothes on the lounge chair even though it is only an extra eight steps (nope, not exaggerating) to his closet to either hang them up or throw them in the hamper, but I digress.

Getting started with these four areas will jump-start your home organization journey. Trust me, the rest of the areas will fall into place.  I hope you find these tips helpful, comment below if you have other handy tips and tricks.  And to make it even easier on you, I’ve created this free Home Organization Cheat Sheet for my subscribers.  Hope it helps!





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