Easy Ways To Encourage Happiness And Well-Being At Home

Nov 10


Easy ways to encourage and promote well-being at home

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Making your home a more restful place is the golden ticket, something we all strive for.  This seems especially important during stressful and chaotic seasons in our life.  With the holidays right around the corner, I want to help you be the best version of yourself and kick stress to the curb.  So in the spirit of the season (and caring for you gals) I have gathered some KISS (keep it simple silly) solutions to help you promote well-being and positivity in your home – who doesn’t want that?  Science has actually suggested there is a connection between having a clean and organized home, and feeling less stressed and anxious.


I like to de-clutter and organize as the seasons change and entering into a New Year.  The seasons are a great time to rummage through your seasonal clothes and household items and either donate, toss, recycle, sell (or earmark for a future garage sale) any items that you have either outgrown or grown tired of.  Chances are that you got lucky and got some cool swag for the holidays.  That makes it the most wonderful time of year to donate any items that have outlived their shelf-life to another deserving home.


Easy ways to encourage and promote well-being at home, de-clutter, happy home

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Be intentional with the items you purchase for your home, take your time and curate items that make you and your family happy.  I would discourage you from purchasing items to just “fill a gap” or because it was “such a great sale”.  Your home is a reflection of you and your style.  So, if you have items stowed away in a box somewhere from your travels that mean something to you, gosh darn it, open it up and bring ’em out into the light.  Let them be admired.  Reminiscing is powerful. Happy memories are precious and helpful in combating stress and improving mood.  Remember, de-cluttering doesn’t mean de-personalizing!

Bring the outside in

Easy ways to encourage and promote well-being at home, de-clutter, happy home

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Greenery adds life to a space, because plants are yes, you nailed it – alive.   They also prove that a home is loved, lived-in and cared for.  Nature is invigorating and inspiring so it makes sense to bring these elements indoors.  Plants also possess the power to soften an interior and inject some colour without competing with other colours within its surrounding. If you fear you have the dreaded “black thumb”, a couple of my easy-to-care-for, go-to plants are the snake plant and the rubber plant.

Neutral-Coloured Walls

Easy ways to encourage and promote well-being at home, de-clutter, happy home

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This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you feel like white walls are not your thing, try a warm neutral like a “greige”.  FYI, greige is the perfect combination of beige and grey.  My all-time favourite greige colour is Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter”.  Employ pops of colour in your accessories such as throw pillows, blankets, artwork and area rugs.  Bonus, you can swap these out with the changing seasons to keep your home feeling fresh, on point and on budget.


It seems that diffusers are having a big moment.  Everyone I’m visiting these days has a diffuser going on in their home, and with good reason.  Aromatherapy is considered to be a natural and alternative form of medicine to relieve pain, improve mood, and increase brain function.  It’s also been linked to lower stress and anxiety, and proven to promote relaxation and improve sleep.  Plug that sucker in and breathe in one of your favourite scents and hopefully feel the weight of the world rise off your shoulders.  Your favourite scented candle could also work.


Easy ways to encourage and promote well-being at home, de-clutter, happy home

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Cue the music!  Studies have shown that music can quickly boost your mood for the better and help fight off depression.  Music not only has the power to improve mood, but also help with emotional regulation, attention span, and memory. We like to keep it analog every once in a while spinning records on the turntable, but Spotify on a bluetooth speaker works just as well.  Let’s get this party started!!

5-Minute Journal

While life just seems to be getting busier and busier with all of the things, it’s so important to stay balanced and focus on good vibes. Five Minute Journal is the secret sauce for doing just that. There is a book and an app to keep your head in the game. In the morning you enter three things you’re grateful for, and three things that you will do to “make today great”. At the end of the day you reflect on three amazing things that happened and write out what would have made the day even better. It only takes five minutes or less, and is such a wonderful practice for improving your well-being and happiness by focusing on the good.

Hopefully this post serves you well in your happiness journey.  Leave a comment below and let me know how you stay sane during periods of craziness and stress.  If you like this post you might want to check out “Four Areas to Focus on When Starting Your Home Organization Journey”.






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