DIY Marbled Pumpkins

Oct 1

Nail polish for marbling pumpkinsI wanted to venture off the path of least resistance and put my creativity to the test.  The goal: to create a modern Thanksgiving table setting.  Hello marbling! This technique creates a cool and chic vibe that I was definitely after this year.  This DIY is super easy, like scratch your head, am I doing this right?  Because this is just too easy.  My son and I had a fun time creating these decorative pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

I decided on white pumpkins since they’re a blank canvas and I could use any colour I wanted for my Thanksgiving decor theme.  I picked up both real and craft pumpkins.  After completing this DIY, I would say that the craft pumpkins took the marbling better and dried much faster.  For most of these, I just marbled the top part of the pumpkin.

Thanksgiving table setting idea

Marbling Pumpkins with Nail Polish

Nail Polish in Water


Craft pumpkins (Michaels)

Real pumpkins (local grocery store or farmer’s market)

Nail polish from the Dollar Store (indigo, black, light blue, and grey)

Large pail or bucket ( I used an orange Home Depot pail)- make sure your bucket is big enough for all your pumpkins

Stir stick

Marbled Pumpkin

Marbled Pumpkin Side View

Thanksgiving table decoration

Thanksgiving table decoration inspiration


  1. Fill up bucket to 3/4 mark with warm water (if the water is cold you will notice that the nail polish sinks down to the bottom)
  2. Swirl in your nail polish ( I used 4 colours, but you can do just one if that is your preference). I just eyeballed the desired amount.  You have to complete this step with each pumpkin you marble.
  3. Dip the pumpkin in the water and spin it around
  4. Remove pumpkin from water and place on drying rack or waxed paper to dry

Want to see how I incorporated these marbled pumpkins in my Thanksgiving decor, check out “A Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape To Impress Your Guests” or  click “Apple Cider Sangria – A Fall Twist On A Summer Classic” if you are looking for a great social drink recipe.

Note: if you want to marble the whole pumpkin (larger ones) let the initial marbled part dry for about 1/2 hr and then marble the other half and let dry again

If you are going to flex your creative muscle and rock this DIY, please share on Instagram at #pursuitofhomeblog – I’d love to check out your work!




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