A Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape

Oct 1

Thanksgiving table decoration

Thanksgiving is right around the corner here in Canada.  It’s one of my favourite holidays, with all the benefits of family and friends gathering but without all the pressure and stress of Christmas.  Thanksgiving is the more relaxing holiday. Sticking to a causal and chill vibe, I decided to buck a traditional colour scheme and create something a little more fun and modern!

It all started with marbling pumpkins in indigo and black nail polish which you can read more about here.  Layer in succulents, pussy willows and blue glass candles amongst marbled pumpkins and there you have it: a beautiful modern Thanksgiving tablescape ready to wow your guests.  No assigned seats, and plenty of eye candy to enjoy with a glass or two (no judgement here) of apple cider sangria, recipe here.

Marbled Pumpkins on Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving table decoration inspiration

Thanksgiving table inspiration

Thanksgiving table decoration idea

Thanksgiving decoration inspiration

Thanksgiving table setting close-up

Don’t underestimate the psychological benefits of beautifying your space! Sure, there’s already enough to do around the holidays, among them cooking, cleaning and coordinating a dinner. But if you’re anything like me, a decorative display (and a glass of wine) brings your blood pressure down and increases the enjoyment of hosting family and friends.

Thanksgiving table decoration

Thanksgiving table up-close

Hope these pictures have inspired you to create own table masterpiece!  How are you going to decorate for Thanksgiving this year?  Let me know in the comments below.






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