4 Fresh Ways To Style and Rock A Plaid Shirt

Oct 6

plaid shirt

A plaid shirt should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  And no, not just because I’m a Canadian girl and people assume that all Canadian’s  are born with plaid running though our veins.  Don’t believe all the stereotypes.  However, Canadian’s being nice is pretty much universally known for a reason (ha!).

Plaid is great.  It gets us out of our usual black and white uniform dressing and lets us mix it up while still colouring between the lines, if you catch my drift.  Meaning, it allows us to be a little playful and show off a bit of our personality.  Hence, why it should be a wardrobe staple.  Especially with the coziness of fall, HELLO sweater weather and the smell of PSL’s in the air.

Funny thing about this style shoot is that I was trying to evoke a fall feeling and it was a very humid forty degrees out.  I am sure everyone hiking around us was thinking “what is that girl thinking?  She is bonkers!” I tried to be so “on-the-ball” and multi-task both a family hike and this photo shoot (my husband is amazing! and also my photographer) but I realized halfway through that I forgot to actually pack a hiking outfit! I sucked it up and hiked in booties. Ugh, live and learn.

I literally poured some love, sweat, and tears into this inspiration shoot so hopefully you enjoy it, because you’re worth it.

Plaid for Work

You might think at first that plaid and work-wear don’t go together or shouldn’t mix but I am here to debunk that.  I love mixing textures in my interiors but that also extends to my wardrobe when putting outfits together.  Case in point: this muted plaid collared shirt with a sequin skirt, a wool cardigan and nude patent leather pumps mix beautifully together.

plaid shirt styled with sequence skirt

plaid shirt styled with cardigan and sequence skirt

cardigan and purse

plaid shirt and cardigan

nude coloured shoes

Date Night Plaid

Get the chemistry going with a shredded-up denim pencil shirt and a buffalo print, umm check please.  OK, in all seriousness, if you want to go from day to date night, swap out the loafers for booties or high-heels and pair with a leather jacket.

plaid shirt

plaid shirt styled with skirt

plaid shirt styled with skirt

Hanging with the Girls Plaid

Spending time with girlfriends is vitally important.  Since becoming a mom my casual wardrobe has definitely expanded, yoga pants can be a girl’s best friend.  However, even when hanging with my friends I still like to look like I put in some effort to see them as I am super pumped we get to hang out.  Enter the plaid shirt dress, such a versatile piece.  You can wear it as a dress with over-the-knee boots and a cute beanie (or booties as pictured), open with a pair of jeans and a plain tee with a funky piece of jewelry – booties and hair in a top knot.  The choice is yours.

plaid shirt dress

plaid shirt

fall accessories

Casual Friday Plaid

A more structured plaid shirt, jeans, cute loafers and a blazer take first prize for best casual Friday outfit for sure!

white plaid shirt

plaid shirt styled with jeans

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t be afraid to mix up textures, pair in the same colour family
  • Plaid doesn’t have to be casual – plaid and sequins is a winning combination
  • simple accessories look best -delicate necklaces, beanie, hoop earrings
  • Layer for interest and during season transitions
  • Shoes – cute loafer, over-the-knee boots, booties or stiletto – the choice is yours to put your best foot forward

How do you wear plaid? Any other tips on how to rock this style?  Weigh in below!  All the items in this post are pieces from my closet – new and old, If I can’t find the exact item I will link a similar item above.  Want more fashion inspiration check out these posts “What To Pair With A Boyfriend Shirt” and “Midi Dress – Your 60 Second Summer Outfit”.



kid wearing sunglass and hat

my son getting in on the picture action



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