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Aug 14


As you’ve probably noticed from the midi dress post, I like quick and easy when it comes to dressing and style.  I like to look as though I’ve put some thought into my look, but secretly it only takes about five minutes (well, during the work-week, anyways) with a one piece outfit like a jumpsuit!  No worrying about coordinating tops and bottoms, the look is clean and seamless and definitely something I incorporate into my work-week wardrobe – Mondays and Fridays, I’m looking at you!

So The Question Is, What Jumpsuit Is Right For You?

Well, there are a few things you should ask yourself: mainly, what are your needs?  Do you want to try this trend for more casual days on the weekend, or are you a stay-at-home mom that wears more casual outfits during the week?  Do you want something more workplace appropriate or formal to step out of your comfort zone from your usual go-to little black dress?

women's jumpsuit



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A Few Style and Fit Considerations

While there’s a jumpsuit style and fit for everybody, keep in mind a few universal style considerations:  Jumpsuits that are fitted at the waist and a little loose on the legs tend to look best and flatter most, as you can see from my inspiration photos.  If you’re blessed with curves, a wrap-top (think the top of a wrap dress) with short sleeves, fitted waist and loose legs look great!  If you’re, ahem, vertically challenged, I would recommend a slim style with cropped leg.  These are just general guidelines, sometimes rules are made to be broken.  If you’re feeling good and confident in what you’re wearing, that will show!

women's jumpsuit

women's jumpsuit

Jumpsuit Accessories

Don’t think that since the jumpsuit is a one-garment solution to dressing that you can just run out the door.  You need to put in some thought on how you’re going to style it.  The key accessories to consider for your jumpsuit are shoes, belts, jewelry and hats.  Accessorizing is key – it will help break up the monotone look and inject some personality into your style.  Wear heels with your jumpsuit, you will look polished and taller, a win-win.  Belts are great as it will take you from looking like a straight ruler to an hourglass shape, even if you already have a fitted waist.  You can really go bold with your jewelry when pairing it with a jumpsuit due to the monochromatic backdrop; statement jewelry will add that detail so that you don’t look too bland or dowdy.


In my inspiration photos for this post, you’ll notice I’m just wearing the jumpsuit.  This was due to the fact that it was 40 degrees out, but I also plan to wear this piece in the fall and winter by adding some layers.  I am thinking a plain grey or black t-shirt or perhaps a slim-fit turtle neck underneath, with a cropped leather jacket or full length white wool coat with booties and a cute beanie hat.  Layering with a blazer and a turtle neck would be a great option and workplace appropriate.


women's jumpsuit


My preferred look is more casual, so I opted to keep my hair down and wear a hat due to the heat and direct sun, but for a more formal look with a higher neckline, I would opt for a chic up-do instead to balance out the proportions a little better.

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Key Takeaways

  • Curvy? Go wrap-style with fitted waist and short or mid-length sleeves and loose legs
  • On the shorter side? Opt for a slim, cropped style
  • If you’re tall, choose a wide-legged style that grazes the floor
  • For a casual look, opt for a loose and flowing style and wear your hair down with loose waves
  • For a formal look, ditch your little black dress and go for a sleek, tailored fit with your hair up and off your face and shoulders
  • Bold Accessories to complete the look
  • Layer for interest and during season transitions
  • Shoes – always a heel of some sort, wedge, stiletto

Do you want more fashion tips and inspiration check “4 Fresh Ways to Style and Rock a Plaid Shirt” or “Midi Dress – Your 60 Second Summer Outfit”.

Do you have a jumpsuit in your closet? Any other tips on how to rock this style?  Weigh in below!



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