How To Style A Bar Cart Like A Boss

Aug 31

how to style a bar cartI can’t think of a better way to wind down the summer than with some of my favourite girls, and bubbles of course!  My BFF purchased a two-bedroom condo late last year and has been slowly decorating it to make it her own fabulous and fun bachelorette pad (with a little help from me)! #girlpower.  She’s excited to host and entertain more events, so of course she needed a cool bar cart!

After researching and reviewing many a bar cart, she narrowed it down to six options – we ultimately decided on this sleek, modern cart.  It fits perfectly in her condo, both aesthetically and size-wise, a win-win!  I personally like having another drink station set-up (outside of the kitchen) to help prevent those famous “kitchen parties”.  You know, the ones where everyone ends up hanging in the kitchen no matter how congested it is.  When entertaining it helps to create better social “flow” with groups scattered throughout a space. This creates “socializing pockets”, as it were.

When hosting, it’s good to set up a water or non-alcoholic drink station so that party-goers can fill-up at their desire, without obligating the host to locate glasses and fill as requested.  I want to catch up and have meaningful conversations with friends and family, instead of refilling drinks all night!

For a bar cart that’s both functional and easy on the eyes, I recommend the following styling tips:

Beverage Dispenser

A large, beautiful container for community water or non-alcohol drinks.  If you want to have a “feature” alcoholic drink, I would also place this on the cart (together), but raise them on cake stands so that you can still utilize the cart for glasses.  See photo for detail.  I also like throwing in some lemon or lime slices to the water for an extra bit of detail and taste of course!

how to style a bar cart

Fresh Flowers

This is the “easy on the eyes” part.  When I was younger I didn’t see the value in flowers.  I honestly thought they were a waste of money (a splurge) since they died a week later.  What was the point?!  Well, the last couple of years I’ve shifted my attitude when it comes to flowers.  Why, you ask?  I find that they are the physical embodiment of “good vibes only”; they make me smile when I come home.  I work hard (as most of us do!) and I deserve to look at something beautiful – another bonus is it also helps to relax and inspire me.  They are now a staple in my home and not just reserved for special occasions!  I highly recommend jumping onto this bandwagon.

how to style a bar cart

Pretty Bottles and Glassware

Up your glassware game by placing your most interesting and pretty pieces on your cart.  This instantly increases your hosting cred (insert mic drop here!).

how to style a bar cart

Other Details and Tips

To help your cart look clean and organized, it helps to keep “like” items together (i.e group champagne flutes together, low-ball glasses together etc.)  Also, keep more of the “decorative” pieces to the less used area of the cart.  Another easy trick is to use trays to keep similar items grouped together for a clean,no-fuss bar cart design.  Height variation not only helps the function of the bar cart – raising items up allows you to use more the cart to house needed items such as glasses — but is also helps create some visual interest.

Another great idea is to set up a light-box sign or an open-face letter board with bar drinks listed on it, or your feature drink announcement, with instructions on how guests can make their own. Set not only your bar cart apart, but your space apart, by adding artwork or other pieces that show off your individual style and expression.  I love the neon girl power sign over the bar cart  (and not just because it was my housewarming present!), because it is “so” her! And it’s a great conversation piece.

how to style a bar cart

how to style a bar cart

how to style a bar cart


  • Purchase a cart that fits your space for aesthetics and size
  • Include a large drink dispenser for self-serve water or feature drinks
  • Add a vase of fresh flowers (stem vase with a single flower works as well)
  • Show off your best-looking glassware and liquor bottles
  • Consider creating a bar menu on a light-box, or open face letter board for guests
  • Add art work that speaks to you or shows off your personality

Hope this helps you plan the party of all parties!  If you are interested in great community drink for your guests check this post out .  How have your styled your bar cart?  Please comment with other tips or suggestions on how to be the hostess with the mostest!!




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