How I Created My “Cloffice”

Aug 8

Home office, dressing room, DIY, Interior Design, decorating

You’ve probably noticed that I have a few different design principles co-mingling in my “cloffice” AKA babe cave, yet it still works.  Mixing and matching is where it’s at. This creates an interesting room, but also a comfortable and beautiful space to be inspired in.

I have everything from your typical IKEA desk to a Victorian chest of drawers, and even a Scandinavian credenza. I know you’re asking yourself, “How does this work together and look so cool-ass-cool?” OK, I probably added the latter part in on your behalf. But the truth is, it comes down to trial-and-error and the details.


Accessories play a big part in bringing a room together, from throw cushions, to artwork, to area rugs. Together, these become a kick-ass team and bring a room to life.  These items are the life of the party, so to speak.

And they DON’T HAVE TO MATCH! In fact, I would encourage that they don’t, but they should complement one another.

Home office, dressing room, DIY, Interior Design, decorating


I love, love, love texture to pieces!  It helps bring harmony and interest to a space.  Without texture, everything would be bland, vanilla.  Texture is the spice of life when attempting to inject personality into your space.  Notice the different finishes and textures in my babe cave, from wood to wool to peeling paint and everything in between.

Home office, dressing room, DIY, Interior Design, decorating


Proportions of furniture also assist in creating an inviting interior. I have a tall Victorian chest of drawers mixed with linear shorter furniture pieces such as the desk and credenza, along with mid-height shelves counter-balancing it all.

Home office, dressing room, DIY, Interior Design, decorating


And last but certainly not least, the wallflower of the group… LIGHTING!!! I find most people don’t pay enough attention to lighting, but in my opinion, you get the most bang for your buck when trying to make a statement.

Look at this beautiful light. I first bought this light for my dining room and loved it so much that I purchased another for my babe cave. Do you think this room would look as chic if I kept the builder-grade light installed??  HELLS NO!!  Don’t underestimate the value that lighting brings to your space, it can be your BFF.

Home office, dressing room, babe cave, she shed

Also, it needs to be said, that you don’t need a million dollars (or even thousands of dollars, I certainly didn’t) to style a space.  In fact, a lot of the items in my babe cave were pieces we already owned that didn’t work in other rooms in our house. I would start with what you already have and then figure out what you need to buy to fill around it.

I source most of my furniture and décor items from many different retailers, from antique stores to garage sales to IKEA to HomeSense. So go on some road trips and start window shopping! If you’re a mom and have limited time on your hands (like me) look online at sites like Pinterest or kick-it old school and pick-up a few design/decorating magazines for inspiration and unique DIY tutorials.

Remember taste and style is very individual so just be yourself and collect items that make you happy and comfortable and forget the naysayers.  If everyone liked the same things or designed the same way, the world would be a very boring place and no one wants that!  #MakeYourselfHappy

If you are interested in more “cloffice” posts check this post and the upgrade to Cloffice 2.0.  Drop me a comment, how have you mixed and matched your spaces?




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  1. Jessica says:

    Hahaha, you are so talented, but I think I take the cake on mix and match spaces. The difference is mine looks like crap. My house is small and I share my space with the kids. Everything is a mess, and I have nowhere to put all my stuff.

    What kind of tips do you have for those of us who are not so talented? How do you deal with smaller spaces and storage of toys, electronics cables, and even food like crackers and cereal that don’t fit in the cupboards, so they live on top of my fridge?

    Do you have any purge and declutter advice that would get someone like me prepared to even start considering design ideas?

    • Allison1 says:

      Thanks Jess! I will add those great topics to my content calendar. Off the top of my head in terms of storage for toys, bins and baskets are a great way to group all those items together. I am actually updating Lincoln’s room now and will be posting on some suggestions in the near future. In regards to a solution for your food storage, I would measure the shelf height of the area of your cupboard and then purchase a few matching storage containers (containers that you are able to add labels to are a bonus) that fit into your cabinet and empty food contents into your new storage containers.

      For purging and de-cluttering which can seem very overwhelming at times, take it room by room and create 3 different piles – donation, garbage and recycling and enlist help either with the actual task of de-cluttering or employ a babysitter for the kids so that you can concentrate and get through the task faster.


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