5 Ingenious Hacks for Easier Mornings

Jul 31

If you’re anything like me, you like to hit the snooze a few times before emerging out of bed somewhat zombified, cursing yourself for not getting more done the night before.

Well, this year I implemented some strategies to help me cope with early mornings and to feel that I’m starting my day with my best foot forward – or at least to prevent me from running out the door with my dress half zipped up (not realizing it) and someone poking me on the shoulder an hour later at a conference to let me know that my dress wasn’t done up completely (true story, thank you again kind stranger)!

Without further ado, the top five items that make my mornings a little easier:

1. Egg Muffins

Ok, hear me out, they sound a little strange, but they are a life and might I say money saver for me this year – oh, and delicious and fairly healthy.  This year my husband and I have started cooking on Sundays, not only lunches and dinners for the beginning of the week, but now also breakfast.

I throw a couple of these muffins in the microwave in the morning for a minute and then enjoy, however most of the time I am eating them in my car in traffic with my to-go coffee, which is sometimes my only saving grace when battling morning rush hour.   I started out with this recipe from slenderkitchen.com, but I have altered it depending on what I have in the fridge and you know just to mix it up so I don’t get bored and sick of the same thing.

2. Satin Pillow Case

I purchased a package of “Morning Glamour” pillow cases from Bed Bath and Beyond, which are not in fact silk but a budget friendly doppelgänger material:

Silk-ish Pillowcases

I didn’t want to invest in real silk in case this wasn’t actually going to work out.  However, not only do I NOT wake-up with crazy bedhead but my hair actually looks better than before I went to bed! This saves me from hopping in the shower to tame the mane and gives me more time in the morning.  Another added bonus is that my skin is not as red and blotchy, with “pillow creases” on my face.  This allows me to start off with a much better canvas to apply my morning make-up routine.

Be warned, these only come in one standard pillow size if purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond in Canada.  If you have queen size pillows or larger they won’t fit, but I had a couple standard pillows as back-ups.  I did notice that the Morning Glamour website carries single King Size pillowcases.  When these pillow cases start to wear I will invest in real silk cases.

3. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo Bottle

Oh my gosh at the risk of sounding over-dramatic, this product is a total game changer for me!!!  I spray a little of this product at my roots and work my way out and it instantly refreshes my hair and gives it a little more texture and style.  I couldn’t live without it.

4. Shower and Pack Items the Night Before

This seems like a no-brainer, right? I pack my lunch and gym bag the night before.  I literally have my gym bag waiting at the front door waiting to receive me the next morning, grab my lunch from the fridge and put it in my gym bag.  I am not going to lie: in my perfect world I would shower in the morning.  However, Monday – Friday the pros outweigh the cons for me by showering the night before. I get to sleep a little longer, I know I am going to wake up with fresh hair, I just have to worry about the basics.

5. Curl Your Hair While You Sleep

No Heat Hair Curling with Headband

Yes, you read that correctly.  I discovered this amazing method of curling your hair with a medium width soft headband.  You start with dry hair, place the headband over the forehead and bring down to just above your ears. Then section off a piece of hair near the front and loop it over the headband.

Continue around the head until all the hair is tucked under.  Adjust the headband as needed (you might want to loosen the hair right at the top of your head) and sleep.  Et voila! You will think one of your fairy godmothers sprinkled fairy dust on your head while you were sleeping. When you wake up in the morning you have beautiful, no-fuss curls that last all day, and the best part is it’s healthier for your hair than the usual traditional heat methods.  Warning:  this works best with shoulder length hair or longer.

I hope you find these strategies helpful and it enables you to make time for other things that make you happy.  I would love to hear any of your strategies for easing your mornings, please share below!




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