My Favourite Room: The “Cloffice” aka The Babe Cave

Feb 7

My Home Office / Dressing Room / "Babe Cave"

My “Cloffice” aka Babe Cave is my most favourite-ass room in the house…… and do you know why?  The answer isn’t very lady-like – not only is this a space just for me (kid and husband may enter, since I was unable to install a force-field at the doorway), but I also didn’t have to consult with anyone but myself, from furniture pieces to colour, to “is this item too big/small…” – you get the point.

Why have man caves been around for so long without the equivalent version for us babes??!!!

Isn’t there supposed to be some scientific study that states for every action you must also have an equal-and-opposite reaction?  HELLO!!!  Well, the good news is I think that the movement is starting to happen with the increasing popularity of the “She Shed” and dressing rooms alike.

If you have the space, I totally recommend carving out a room, nook, cranny, or shed just for you.  It’s totally therapeutic! After all, we chicks deserve it!! #BabeCave #HeckYes

Hang tight for my next post where I get into the nitty gritty details of creating my Babe Cave.  Ahead of the curve and have already created a space just for you?  Put finger to keyboard, comment and let me know – would love to hear about it.

If you like this post, check out “How I Created My Cloffice”, and the updated room, “Cloffice 2.0”.






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